9yrs +

In the sewing project, you will learn to sew. You will need your own sewing machine. We have a few to loan but they get taken quickly. Meetings are the first, and third Friday of the month from 6-9pm. September through April. You may enter your project at the County Fashion Revue, or the Mid State Fair (as an exhibit or to be modeled at the Fashion show)

Contact Ginger Kibbe if you are interested.

Public Speaking

5yrs +

In the public speaking group, meetings are held every Monday evening. You will learn how to speak as an individual.

Contact Larella Ellsworth if you are interested.

Veterinary Science

10yrs +

In the Veterinary Science project, you will learn about the sciences behind veterinary care. Meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the Stenner Creek Animal Hospital at 7pm. Project ends in April.

Contact Erin Dewelegi if you are interested.

Horse Group

9 yrs+

In the Horse Group, horse ownership is not required. Meetings are every Sunday from 2 to 4pm.

Contact Mary Laporte, Jennifer Rubio, or Janie Newbie if you are interested.


5yrs +

In the Gardening group, you will learn to make mini gardens, etc. Meetings are Saturdays 2 to 3:30pm

Contact Kate or Aaron York if you are interested.


5yrs +

In the Poultry project, you will end up needing at least 2 pure bred show quality adult chickens (we will

help you find them from reputable breeders). Must be able to house the chickens as you'll spend

lots of time with them. Year round project (do not sell at fair). Monthly meetings from October-June.

You will learn care of your chicken, showmanship and poultry facts in this project. Multiple

opportunities to show your chickens including fair in July.

Contact Stephanie Marden if you are interested.

Arts & Crafts

We are currently searching for the perfect candidate to lead this group. If you are interested in leading this group, please contact us.

Food & Nutrition

5yrs +

In the Food and Nutrition group, you will learn to cook delicious dinners and desserts. Small fee to cover the costs ingredients costs per meeting. Meetings are one Saturday per month.

Contact Kathy Chechopoulos if you are interested.


9yrs +

In the Leadership group, you will meet with the officer team once every other month. You will help plan meetings, make changes in the club, participate in committees and take leadership positions etc. Meetings: Every other month, Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30. Dinner will be included. Junior and Teen leaders are encouraged to join!

Contact Debbie Allen if you are interested.


5 yrs+

Contact Lauren Madonna at If you are interested.

shooting Sports

 If interested, Contact Jack Crane at  

Swine Group

9yrs +

In the swine group, you will learn how to care for your very own pig, and then learn how to put it through auction at the Mid State Fair. Members are responsible for fairly large costs, you are encouraged to attend the first meeting to learn more. Meetings are Tuesdays before the Club general meetings.

Contact Cathy Ahern if you are interested.

Market Beef/Replacement Heifer

9yrs +

In the Beef group, meetings are held on Saturday. The project includes large expenses. You will need space to raise your steer or heifer.  Please attend first meeting to learn more. Details to be determined.

See Kristen Beljean if you are interested, at a general meeting or contact Aaron Lazanoff at


9yrs +

In the Sheep group, you will learn how to care for your very own sheep. Costs depend on the price of sheep. Sheep may be kept at your home, or at the project farm. Meetings to be determined.

Contact Brian Baird if you are interested.


9 yrs +

In the Goat group, you will learn how to care for and show your own goat. Cots vary depending on the price of the Goat. Speak to teh leader about housing choices for your goat. Meetings to be determined.

Contact Nicki Crawford 805-610-9214 or email


9yrs +

In the Dairy group, meetings held without animals monthly until April then are held at Cal Poly.  Dairy animals are temporarily donated until after the fair in July.

Contact Alan VanderHorst if you are interested.

Beginning 4-H

The Officer Team will host 2 evening orientation meetings in October 12 or 19 6:30-8pm to review the basics of 4H.

Contact Kathy Righetti if you are interested OR register at the September/October general meeting.

BBQ & Grilling

9 yrs +

New project, and details are pending.

Contact Alan VanderHorst if you are interested.

Dogs Group

5 yrs+

In the dog group, you will learn basic obedience, basic manners and showmanship as well as basic care of your dog. Must own dog. There will be 3 non-dog meetings. Monthly practice meetings October-December with twice a month until Fair. We meet Sundays 2-4pm depending upon which group you are in. Groups are determined by age and experience.

Contact Jane Brennan if you are interested.

Cake decoration


The 1st meetings will be held 1 hour before the general 4 H meeting at Luguna Middle school. The meeting for 2017 will be held on Sundays at the 4 H office with members from other clubs.

Please contact Erin Dewegeli for more information.


Holstein Calf at Cal Poly

Cheerio the Chicken