enrollment instructions

All enrollment is conducted through the CA 4-H Enrollment website.  Click here. 

If you are enrolling in 4-H online for the first time:
Select "I need to set up a profile"

If you are re-enrolling in 4-H:
Select "I have a profile" and login to proceed.

Once you have completed the online system be sure to return the following items to our Membership Coordinator, Staci Truelson:
1. Hard copy of Treatment Authorization and Medical Release forms
2.  Check for $65/member made payable to Edna 4H

Enrollment Coordinator:
Staci Truelson (Edna 4-H only) sltruelson@yahoo.com

Return the items at a general meeting

Adult Volunteer

If you would like to participate as an adult volunteer, please contact the Edna 4-H Community Club Leader.  

We are always accepting new Project Leaders and Assistant Project Leaders.  

Leaders must be able to pass a background check, complete a LiveScan, submit an application, complete online 4H training and be able to make a time commitment to participate of at least 6 hours of instruction over the course of the program year. The club reimburses you for the fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
Go to the Enrollment Website and create an account to complete enrollment.  A check must then be turned in to Edna 4-H for $65 as well as a Treatment Authorization Form and Health History.  

When is enrollment due?
Edna 4-H has open enrollment ALL year.  However, if you plan on raising an animal, it is at the discretion of the project leader.  Example: Pigs are purchased in April, so enrollment in pigs in June is not possible.  

What happens if I forget my password?
In the online system, enter your email, and select Forgot Password.  A phony password will be generated to log-in, and sent to the email you entered.  A new password can then be created.

How much are the enrollment fees?
A check is due to Edna 4-H for $65.00 to complete enrollment.  

What paper forms are due to the Community Leader to complete enrollment?
The Medical Release form and Health History must be turned in as a signed hard copy to the Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator to complete enrollment.

Who do I turn in my enrollment materials to?
The Volunteer Enrollment Coordinator (2017-18) Staci Truelson sltruelson@yahoo.com