Members are asked to give 6 hours to our community through these events. Events MUST be open to all members, announced at our general meetings and listed below. Chairs please send volunteer names and hours worked to our Secretary. Have an event appropriate for EDNA, let Jane know.

Community Service Opportunities 2016-17


Servers at Jim Braebeck's Retirement Party (In Uniform) (1 - 2 Hours)

12+ at Farm Supply SLO, June 25th (1:00 - 4:00)

Contact Stephanie or Bella Marden


Feed the Homeless 

Prado Day Center, July 5th at 12:00

Contact Kristin Beljean (805) 748-9871 (text only)


PAST EVENTS- when complete, send committee list to Officer Secretary (items donated at club meetings .5 hr credit)

* Prado Day Center 7/6 Kristen Beljean 748-9871 (Beef Project)

* Back to School Donation at the September meeting 9/6 Jane Brennan

* SLODOG show 9/24-25 Jane Brennan

*Guacamole making and Selling ?date?  Kathy Chechopoulos(Swine and Food Project)

* Cow Parade 9/17 Alan VanderHorst

* Coastal Clean up 9/17 Kathy Chechopoulos

* CWA event 9/4 Stephanie Marden

* Farmers Market 10/6 Jane Brennan

* Woods Wiggle Waggle Walkathon 10/23 Jane Brennan

* Alzheimers Walk  10/29  Larella Ellsworth

* Thanksgiving meal prep  11/23  Debbie Allen (Leadership Project)

*Toys 4 Tots donation at the December meeting 12/6 Jane Brennan

* Personal Items donated February club meeting 2/6  Debbie Allen (Leadership Project)

* Food Bank shopping 12/17 Kathy Chechopoulos (Food Project)

* Horse Project Bake Sale for HEET  2/7  Jennifer Browder (Horse Project)

* Dog Project- Donations for Woods at March club meeting  3/7 Jane Brennan (Dog Group)

* LOVE SLO - 3/18  Laurie Grauel

* SLO Marathon Swag Bag Stuffing 4/27 Jane Brennan

* SLO Marathon T-Shirt Distribution 4/28&29  Jane Brennan

*4H Field Day Basket donation at the May meeting 5/2 Jane Brennan

* Woods Chihuahua Races 5/6 Jane Brennan (Dog Project)

* Sinsheimer Garden work 5/11 Kate York (Gardening Project)

Community Service Opportunities 2017-18

7/5 Prado Day Center: Kristen Beljean 748-9871

9/5 Back to School Donation at club meeting :Jane Brennan 440-0148