What is 4-H?

4-H is the nation's largest youth development and empowerment organization, reaching more than 7 million 4-H you in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards, and rural farming communities, fueled by university-backed curriculum. 4-Her's engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, healthy living and food security.  

Young people who are a part of 4-H have the opportunity to explore all types of science, health, and citizenship programming delivered through 4-H clubs and camps, as well as after-school and in-school. 

More than anything, 4-H teaches youth responsibility, respect, professionalism and leadership through animal husbandry, officer and junior leader opportunities and both peer and adult interaction.

For more information, visit the following links:

University of California

4-H Website

What to expect?

Each 4-H club has individual and specific expectations for their members from community service, participation and record keeping requirements but the basic structure of each club consists of General Meetings and Project Meetings. 

General Meetings
General meetings are held once a month, led by the youth Officer Team with support from the Club Community Leaders (CCL) , for the entire membership.  Attendance is taken, events announced, office reports read, and general club announcements are communicated.  Attendance at general meetings is very important to stay informed.  At the same time, General Meetings are a great social opportunity for the members and we try to make them fun as well as informative.

Project Meetings
4-H offers a variety of projects from Leadership to Market Beef (each 4-H club is different).  During the beginning of the program year (September and October), youth can select which projects they would like to be a part of.  Some are more in depth, more expensive and more time consuming than others.  Please consider all factors before beginning a project.  Project meetings are held outside of General Meetings.  An Adult Volunteer will be the Project Leader and will communicate meeting times to you.

County Events & Fairs
4-H holds many County events to get various clubs together and showcase project work.   Attendance is always encouraged.  In San Luis Obispo County alone there are over 25 clubs.  County events provide a unique opportunity for members to meet each other.

4-H is a 100% Volunteer run organization.  Each club is overseen by the University of California Cooperative Extension at the County Level.  At the club level, the person-in-charge is the volunteer adult Club Community Leader.  All project leaders are Adult Volunteers cleared by the Extension.  The adult volunteers oversee the member elected youth officer team, providing leadership opportunities for the whole family.  To volunteer, click here. 

Each 4-H club has an annual fee (varies by County) that goes directly to the Extension Office to cover member insurance and operating expenses.  The enrollment fee in NO WAY benefits the club.  4-H clubs rely on donations and fundraising to solely support their unit. Because of this, members are sometimes asked to contribute to material fees for projects.  For the small and market animal projects, expenses are nearly always on the youth.  Often times, the youth recoup these expenses at auction during the fair.  

The 4-H Pledge

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health are the four H's in 4-H, and they are the four values members learn through fun and engaging programs.

  • Head - Managing, Thinking

  • Heart - Relating, Caring

  • Hands - Giving, Working

  • Health - Being, Living

The 4-H Motto

"To make the best, better"

General Meetings

The General Meetings for Edna 4-H are held the first Tuesday of the month, September through June from 7-8:00pm at Laguna Middle School in San Luis Obispo, California.

The basics

Enrollment is open year-round for Edna 4-H. Regular membership is for those who are 9 years old or in 4th grade by December 31st of the program year.  The oldest a youth member can be is 19 years old.  Beyond that, they must enroll in collegiate 4-H.  For children of the age of 5 to 9 they can be a primary member. Primary members can do everything a normal member does except for showing a large livestock animal.  The program year starts on July 1st and ends June 30.  The enrollment fee is $65/per year per member.  Find out more about enrollment here.  


All members of Edna 4-H are subject to fulfill the expectations set forth by the Community Club Leader (CCL).  

  • Comply with CA State 4-H enrollment requirements including fees 

  • Treat all fellow 4-H members and leaders with respect and kindness at all times 

  • Remember that my attitude and actions represent Edna 4-H at all times 

  • Be attentive, involved, and engaged at project and general meetings 

Furthermore, if planning on exhibiting at the Mid-State Fair, the following must be fulfilled:

  • Turn in a complete record book bound in a 4-H binder (or suitable replacement) showing a reasonable amount of effort in the following categories: Table of Contents, Personal Development Report (PDR), Annual Project Report (APR) for each project exhibiting, and a Community Service Project APR form (due date to be given).

  • Follow any rules/fulfill requirements set forth by my respective project leader(s) 

  • Attend 80% of General Meetings following procedure for excused absences 

  • Attend 80% of Project Meetings at least for the project in which I am exhibiting following procedure for excused absences 

  • Be in good standing with the club 

  • Exhibit sportsmanlike conduct in all competitions 

  • Provide handwritten thank you note(s) to your buyer (s) and your Project Leader(s) prior to receiving earnings 

  • Be responsible for reimbursing the club for project specific fair expenses shared by my group prior to receiving earnings. 

  • Ensure that all livestock are treated ethically and properly

If you cannot reasonably fulfill these requirements, then Edna 4-H may not be the right club for you.  Volunteers dedicate a large amount of time to facilitate club activities and we want to ensure that members get the full benefit.  

Projects Offered

A full listing of projects currently available with Edna 4-H can be found by clicking here.  If you do not see the project you are looking for, please consider becoming a volunteer and making that project a reality!  Find out how to volunteer here.